(TheEntrepreneurNg magazine) corporate profile of Mrs. EVELYN OGHENEFEJIRO UGUTE

She is a creative simple lady empowered by God with multiple charisma. An epitome of genuine interest in the development and growth of youth and women. She have a burning passion for humanity and always feel fulfil when she have the opportunity to help and put a smile on people’s faces, She have been a pioneer of social entrepreneur and economic activist for the past ten years,She have extensive experience in human capital development in the private and public sectors
She is an author , an accomplished public speaker, She is deeply passionate about leadership, mentorship, youth and women development, She is a microfinance certified Chartered Institute of Bankers- (MCIBN/CBN program) and She is a fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration, She have a certificate on management from Nigeria institute of Management (NIM),

 She possess B.Sc Hon in Botany from the prestigious citadel Ambrose Alli UniversityEkpoma, Edo State Of Nigerian, She is happily married, a faithful wife, lover of all and a born philanthropist who has contributed immensely to the lives of notable young individuals within and outside Delta State.

 Currently, she's  the Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of Coastline Microfinance Bank Ltd.
She introduced the program tagged SUCCESS TRIANGLE with which she does empower countless number of individuals both from within and outside Delta State. 
Being a Banker with multiple experience in wealth creation, she successful founded the 


G & G MULTI INTEGRATED CONCEPT exist to create a brighter future for students, entrepreneurs and corporate organizations by helping small and medium size enterprises (SME), corporate organizations to build and grow their businesses.
We help students to have an entrepreneurial mind set rather than focus on employment; and also help business owners to develop strong management structures and employee skills needed to compete on a global level.
As a special vehicle created to administer students, entrepreneurs and corporate organizations with training and management service projects, G & G Multi Integrated Concept has experience in skill development and capacity building in the Nigerian SME and microfinance sector , The president has over the years author several books and DVDs on wealth creation, as part of the dream to create a wealthy community ,and this is the birth of the empowerment program SUCCESS TRIANGLE 


It started with passion to serve the grass root with information and business ideas to become self employed which lead to the publication of the book titled “101 Businesses for wealth creation”.
The book simplified choice of businesses , characteristics of business , business management , sales and marketing , record keeping of all the business daily sales proceeds and financial management to sustain growth and profitability, it teaches personal and family budgetary and why you should insure your business, how to plan for retirement while you set realistic goals and effective time management.
Over the years, people give testimonies on how the passion to start a business was driven in them by the numerous types of businesses encounter in the book but their biggest challenge was how to get the start up capital. Then I came up with the empowerment idea titled SUCCESS TRIANGLE where we get you and through you to your friends and families to create a wealthy community by earning constantly as you introduce others .


To empower members with training and skill development for entrepreneurship and to nurture and grow small and medium scale businesses to help develop strong economies in Nigeria and worldwide by helping locally owned businesses to become more competitive, sustainable and profitable through our seminars and conferences.


To engage members in business opportunities through networking.
To serve the bottom pyramids with business information both in print and electronic media for financial empowerment for sustainable and economic development.


To reach out to 10 million people in 2020 with our business opportunity to become self employed.


  • Publications / sells of business and literature books , DVDs and supply of educational materials.
  • Business Seminars
  • Business Consultancy/Business Clinic
  • Networking
  • Credit Management
  • Fund Management
  • Wealth Management


Success triangle is an empowerment based membership program empowered by G&G Multi –Integrated Concept, to help members who purchase our books and DVDs and refer others in order to earn abundantly to have a fulfil live and be financially independent. Is an opportunity driven by passion to alleviate poverty and to help human gain financial freedom. We empower you to live freely and retire wealthy.

Welcome! You are about to partake of the easiest and sustainable empowerment program.

Investing little!

 Earning Much !!

 Meeting People !!!

 living a fulfil Live


When you join our vision of belonging to success triangle to live freely and wealthy at early age and retire rich, you simply introduce two family members or friend capable of introducing two alike and you are on your way to financial freedom, We make your life meaningful by investing small; earning much freely when you pay a onetime membership fee of =N= 500 for category "A" or =N= 5000 for category "B" ($2.00), you become our partner and have the privilege of enjoying among other things;
  • Trade and skill acquisition services
  • Income opportunity
  • Free LAPTOP
  • Brand new car
  • Yearly global conference
  • House of your own
  • All expenses paid trip
  • Durable income for life
Because we want to connect and empower people globally, members are required to introduce at least two (2) persons and this two (2) will have to do same to enjoy all benefit listed above
Our system works in a binary 2 x 2 only .
Members earn money in 5 stages. The 5 stages are:
  • Stage 1 is called Fellow
  • Stage 2 is called Fasper
  • Stage 3 is called Gold
  • Stage 4 is called Sapphire
  • Stage 5 is called Emerald

Due to her enormous contribution as a Banker towards wealth creation among young Entrepreneurs, she is currently being nominated as THE FEMALE BANKER OF THE YEAR at the Delta State Entrepreneurs Recognition Awards 2017 holding at Orchids Hotel Dbs Road Asaba Thursday December 14th 2017. 

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