(TheEntrepreneurNg) Corporate Profile of Mr Timi Odikeme CEO Tadok Productions Nominee on Entertainment Entrepreneur of the year category at Delta State Entrepreneurs Recognition Awards 2017 holding at Orchids Hotel Dbs Road Asaba Thursday December 14th

Extract from an interview session conducted with the MD/CEO Tadok Productions 

                        CEO Tadok Productions Mr. Timi Odikeme 

Mr. Timi Odikeme is a creative Nigerian Entrepreneur, A lovely husband, father and a renowned philanthropist. 
He's currently the MD/CEO Tadok Productions an outstanding entertainment and hospitality company who have caved a nitch for himself in the world of entertainment industry in Nigeria. 
Kindly see extract from his interview below. 

Q: Why start big with your music factory when you could start small and grow with your artistes?
A: When I started Tadok, I was paying for studio sessions for my artistes in small studios. But after doing an in-depth research about studio ownership, South-South artistes and the Nigerian artistes making waves in the music industry, I discovered that a standard professional studio that would have been able to help our artistes compete favorably with other artistes outside was missing in the region. Most of the artistes in the area still mime their own songs even when given an opportunity to play  with   their own instruments. It is usually marred with a lot of flaws because they do not have places for rehearsals or professional studios to build their talent.
Q: Why the passion for promoting South-South artistes?
A: That desire has been in motion since 2003. Most artistes in the area aren’t refined and that has contributed largely to their inability to compete favourably with other artistes from Lagos especially. This is why I am exploring every opportunity to ensure that these artistes can compete favourably with any artiste in the world, by building what has never been seen in the region; what will make them become stars globally.
Q: What other thing did you observe lacking in the music from the South-South artistes?
A: I made several trips to night clubs, churches and other places within and outside the country.  I discovered that even in big night clubs, songs of Port Harcourt based artistes like Timaya, Duncan Mighty, whose music are considered good, were missing from the list of songs on heavy rotation. The discovery that these artistes were not appreciated outside their base was not encouraging at all, only  Lagos -based artistes songs were most prevalent and that meant that there was something wrong. In the South-South, they have a single pattern of beat possibly because most of the producers in the area were trained by the same set of people. And that is one of the reasons why Tadok decided to hire a good music producer in Lagos and equip him with all he needed to work with. I wanted him to infuse the Lagos beat into the South-South beat and create something exotic.  Equipment alone will not make good music, but a good music producer using these good equipment will be able to make the difference.
Q: There are other things involved in making good music. What marketing scheme do you have in place for these artistes?
A: We have a partnership with Ben TV UK to help promote these artistes. I have been in talks with some American record labels to see how we can export our music to the global scene.  We are still discussing other ways of promotion with partners.

Tadok Global Productions Limited is a Music and Video Production company, Music and Video Publishing company, Record Label, Event Management Company and Entertainment based in Nigeria.
Tadok Productions is a subsidiary of Tadok Global Production Limited, a company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja, Nigeria as a recording company and a record label.

Tadok Productions has world class standard recording facilities for Audio-Visual production, Mass Duplication of CD/DVD, Dance Studio with Live Band equipment for Rehearsals and a well lighten beautiful Garden with a well constructed stage with live band for Album listening and other events.
Tadok Dance Studio is a fully acoustic padded, spacious, well lighten with chilling air conditioning and well equipped with State of the art world class standard studio equipment for live band, miming and Dance rehearsals with Live performance recordings with distinct sound and clarity.
Tadok is one of the leading entertainment company in West Africa. Firmly at the forefront of the booming entertainment sector in this region, Tadok operates within a multi-platform, multi-purpose media space which makes us uniquely able to deliver genuine Tadok content solutions to our many discerning clients.

Driven by an executive team that possesses both depth and dynamism, Tadok achieves world-class quality enhanced by an innovative, Afro-politan sensibility. Our deep understanding of the local market makes us the go-to partner for foreign companies looking to explore the Nigerian media and entertainment sectors and similarly, our vast international experience and contacts give local clients the comfort that we are as up to date, in the mix and in the know as any agency they may find in England, America or other creative capitals.

Entertainment is our passion and our business. The only force that rivals our passion for entertainment is our unflinching belief in the potency and potential of the African urban pop culture, especially in our home country Nigeria.

Our History
Tadok is a new incarnation of a company and a brand that has achieved household name-status in Nigeria. The Tadok name has been building buzz in and around Nigeria since it first came to being in 2003 as Tadok Records, engaging in nightclub promotion, music television production, artist management and music recording, After some years of hibernation, Tadok Productions re-emerged in 2006, spawning the label Tadok Productions which has managed the successful careers of hot artists.

Now, as Tadok, which launched officially in February 2012, Tadok is presenting the latest and best version of its brand – redefined, reinvigorated and ready to rock! Under the Tadok brand, the company has marshalled its strengths, deepened its resources, broadened its scope and is now able to offer clients a one-stop source for customized, creative content solutions through audio-visual, interactive, experiential or music-based platforms.
We have production facilities in Porthacourt Nigeria offering digital recording and editing with a top-quality analogue interfaces.
Record in luxury! Record in Paradise!
Our services include:
  • Music production
  • Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Voice overs including Source Connect
  • Sound Design, ADR, Foley, Sound FX
  • Event Management
  • Entertainment/Hotels & Resorts
  • Record Label and Artistes Management
  • Music & Movie Video Production
  • Post Production Editing
  • Content Providers for Television Stations
  • Full Television Services

Tadok Hotels & Gardens, Port-Harcourt, which is a 26 rooms hotel accommodation facility with treasure grill restaurant & bar, swimming pool/sports bar, gym, 18:45 executive roof top bar, 24hrs internet facility, 24hrs security located in Shell RA, the heart of Port-Harcourt City.

Tadok Productions is currently housing one of the exceptional talented musical artist in Nigeria. 
A Musical artists with a good command of quality entertainment and  good musical delivery who has won to his credit notable Awards both locally and in the diaspora. 
Pere Carter had earlier performed in some of the African countries in recent years and had also featured on some international events. 


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